Baranday Ek Raat || My new short story

I wrote another short story while passing health recovery days at my hometown, Jessore. The story is written by my hand using pen. Therefore, the text needs to be converted into digital format. I photographed all pages and created pdf. But the quality may torture your eyes, to avoid this you are requested to zoom while reading.

I’ll upload entire images directory few minutes later. So, you can get high quality images to ease your eyes.

Plot: The story circulates an accident and portrays main 3 characters – Dip, Shikha and Prokash.

Download: Baranday Ek Raat [pdf]


Rail Crossing

This poetry is written by Md. Tariq.
Date: 14th December, 2012.

          Rail Crossing:

Orange light deems while
Walker’s silhouette elongates,
Ready steps reach the
Four headed waiting cross,
While falling afternoon strikes evening.

Whistle blows in steady rhythm,
Jhik-jhik whispers through ether;
Hush! Here comes train,
Waiting moments elongate,
On a rail crossing
By an early evening.

Long bamboo bars are up
Hinders vehicles from mishap,
Human rides & mechanic vehicles
In lines form ant serials;
Mobile shops have no time
To serve floating clients.

Whistle blows in steady rhythm,
Jhik-jhik whispers evading ether;
Train awaits evening moments,
On a catchy rail crossing.

Oh! A rare beauty
Sparkles bus window,
Red-green scurf fly
Queer cheeks glow;
Shiny long hair
Waves invading wind.
Sweet, sweet, sweet!
Her marvel eyes,
Where thrill & anxiety ride
As twin side by side.

Young family is on rickshaw
Happy mother holds baby tight,
Playground is too narrow
Tiny hands with all the strength
Baby pushes to be free;
Soft face marvels with smile,
Cute, cute, cute!
Heaven plays there.

Whistle blows in steady rhythm,
Jhik-jhik whispers through ether;
Hush! Here comes train,
Waiting moments elongate,
On a rail crossing
By an early evening.

Aged man rides on old bi-cycle,
Fade clothes leave old markings
Fakes to override master’s age,
Wrinkles & tiredness do fail
To hide deem but honest eyes.

Walker steps over line slippers
Uncounted tiny stones protest,
While pink glows in the west
Little stars begin to blink and
Curvy moon shines over returning birds.

Whistle blows in steady rhythm,
Jhik-jhik whispers evading ether;
Train awaits evening moments,
On a catchy rail crossing.

Enjoyed a classic comedy film


I was waiting for this film, for a week, finally its telecasted in last night. Honestly saying, I was not sure of its quality, read its review on paper & wiki [I stick to this one] & decided to view. Indian Bangla film industry sky jumped in just 3-4 years, both songs & making, but most comedy films are hospotch. `Vuter vobisshot` is a perl in these dusts. Its every snipet is unique; storyline, characters, acting & making are in a word spectacular. I enjoyed every moment of the movie, all time classic.

I`m burning inside for 11 years!

I`m burning, its long time, 11 cosecutive years panicked me. I must trash them. 2001 was that ugly, nasty, animal type year in our history. Nobody cared for it, no steps are taken, nobody is punished !!! But that`s enough. I`ll write on the issue, make a series of 5-7 stories, that will portray the fact, real things that happened. I must raise my voice.

Legendary tree living for 1500 years in Jordan

You can call it a legendary tree, some call mysterious tree and muslims call it a `Sahabi`. The unique instances made the tree the living legend. Our prophet Mohammad(s) rested underneath the tree during his business travel to Syria at prime age. The tree stands in the northern Jordan desert, `bosra assham`. There`s not a single tree in 150 km surrounding it. The desert doesn`t allow any tree to live except this one. Christian monk Baher said he saw a cloud shades a boy`s head & leaves grew in empty tree.

Can a versity teacher rape a helpless girl?

The question hammers my brain so often and still I`m quite at a loss to conclude. Since my childhood, I`m brought up with a concept that all teachers are to be respected & placed just after my parents. University is the highest level of education sysem & hence versity teachers are treated as top respected figures everywhere. Students respect them, learn what they teach without asking any question, worship them to be perfect people. When you discover such reputed figure lost human attiude what can you think?

Behind the story- Some true identities circulate the main character

Developing story- part 1:

When I planned to kick start my short stories, it was important to figure out which topics I’m going to write. Fortunately, I’m burdened with bundles of real life topics; each corresponds to disgraceful real life troubles. As I came out of life-long struggles, I watched many unpredictable things around me. Most of the cases unveiled the nasty sides of aristocratic society to my conscience.

Blue sky with white cloud over white snow land, snow house

I raised my life through some boring principles, but I’m glad that I did it. Since my childhood, I experienced my friends falling for unethical things. They do it for their lust or needs or proving themselves pioneer. Whatever the case may be, it didn’t make me feel good.

I passed 6 long years in an institution where I had to mix with boys from top to bottom circles of our society. I witnessed sons of minister, MP, top government employee, top businessmen. I had to mix with them and pass valuable time; this tendency stopped me from nodding significant personalities later when I passed out from the institution. But I had to see some terrible things at the same time.

‘Aristo love story’ portrays a real incidence partly. And I have to confess that my friends committed it. Those friends who are successful in their lives, who are powerful, who pretend to be good in society and who play with womanhood for money. It was not easy to unveil things. But I knew my way. This is just a part of the story. I’ll write a series on ‘Aristocratic society’ after some day/months and unfortunately all topics will be portraying real stories.

Download Aristo Love Story

Launched new story for my readers

I had been thinking to kick-start a blog for assembling my authorship. I have keen interest in writing various models and try to put my thoughts and plans into written format. Hence, I’ve decided to launch this blog to automate and enlist all of my writings here.

I’ve thinking of the story since last week. Finally I started writing from yesterday and it’s completed by today.

The story centers around a hot and established model who had to face naked realty due to aristocratic rules.

I hope that you will enjoy the short story. Grab it here.